Casual SMN-PD "Sellsword" (2xcUAC5, 1xcERPPC, 1xcERSL)

Thread in 'Pride Builds' started by Necroledo, Oct 21, 2022.

  1. Necroledo

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    Hello everyone!

    I wanted to share with you my build for the Summoner hero 'Mech, which I have been enjoying quite a lot.

    New MechDB tool link (includes quirks):

    Skills code: aa010c118354a2067baefffffff2a7560212000008066124b164764000000

    The idea behind it is to make good use of the 8-Omnipod set bonuses, while the ERPPC gives some long-range punch and the ERSL some extra brawling capabilities. The set bonuses combined with UAC skills give effectively double the ammo with reduced jam chances and duration. The ERSL can be dropped for more ammo, but I personally prefer having one more weapon and in a separate component from the others.

    It is not optimised for any particular type of combat, but with how mobile Summoners are you will be flexible enough for any situation. Make sure to add Advanced Zoom (for the ERPPC) and max Radar Deprivation (to be more difficult to track). Best of luck and I hope you enjoy the build!
  2. Shock

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    If I was you I'd drop the ERSL and maybe not skip leg day at the gym or get some more ammo. Even with the ammo quirk, that's only 3 tons of ammo, which is going to be a bit tight.