Sleipnir "Destrier" (2xAC20, 2xSNPPC, LE325)

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    This ridiculous thing is my new addiction... It's brutally simple in theory and simply brutal in practice.

    There may be better chassis for this concept (Mauler, King Crab, Nightstar or Annihilator) but I don't own the Mauler and the thought of trying this on the larger and more sluggish chassis makes me cringe.

    Using it is dead simple: fire your guns into one spot (I chainfire the 20's to make it simpler) and then spread damage (twist). After about 2 salvos, forget the Snubs and just hammer away with the 20's. Stuff dies, even big things.

    I recommend prioritizing speed, heat management (operations AND weapons skills) and only then worrying about survivability or consumables... Killing / crippling the enemies IS your survivability.
  2. Looks like fun.

    No ghost heat version.
  3. Duty Remains

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    Honestly I'm not having a problem with ghost heat... 2 AC/20's only produce about 24 heat when fired simultaneously which is not much more than the Snub-nose PPCs...

    It is a "pick your poison" type of situation though... There are 3 options:
    1. Chain-fire: insure a minimum of a 0.5 sec delay between firing the AC/20s
    2. Accept the Ghost Heat: a full salvo is still only 44 heat (comparable to quad PPC builds I've run)
    3. Change the build to sacrifice Alpha and complicate your firing groups and reload times
    Of those, I prefer option 1; as long as I fire my Snubs with or between the AC/20s I can keep my face time to a near minimum.

    Option 2 is my fall back position... I have 4 weapon groups:
    1. Both AC/20s set to chain-fire... I don't usually like the chain-fire setting but it works well FOR ME here.
    2. Snub PPCs... They build a lot of heat, so its best to have their own group.
    3. The "Big Red Button" both AC/20s at once... the first panic button for when I don't care about ghost heat
    4. The "Bigger Red Button" everything at once for extreme emergencies
    I haven't used 3 and 4 in actual matches yet because 1 and 2 have got the job done so far. I have tested it though and option 4 (the whole 60 PPFLD) is about 68% of my heat capacity...

    My build is in the same vein as a 3xAC/20 VTR-9A1 Victor... Compared to that my build generates more heat on average (but ghost heat for 3 AC/20s is 55.44, ouch!) in exchange for viable speed and armor.

    If I was worried about the heat I'd go with another build like the 3 and 4 AC/10 builds on my Nightstar and Annihilator, respectively. This is for repeated 60 and 40 pinpoint strikes, for which I'm willing to handle all the heat in the kitchen.
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