Casual "Sir Maximus" Saint Ives' Blues (LFE250/5xJJ/MRM30/3xMLas)

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    The build code is: A=3920^0|Lg|OG|OGpR0|OGqR0|[email protected]|GP|GP|GPrL0|Y?sL0|Y?t\0|OGu\0|[email protected]|Y?w:0:0:0

    Now getting into the meat of this thread. This build pushes the Saint Ives' Blues to its absolute limits in almost every regard. Running with the biggest engine possible, an LFE 250, it is able to achieve a top speed of 90kph (96.7kph with speed tweak.) It also has the maximum amount of jump jets (5) to give it an unparalleled ability to traverse terrain, making it rather easy to chase down those annoying light mechs harassing your assaults. In addition, it boasts a very flexible arsenal of three medium lasers for when you need precision to blow off stripped components and a single MRM 30 with three tons of ammo for when you need to slap someone. All of these components plus maximum armor values just barely fit all together with the help of Endo and Ferro equipped for as much weight reduction as possible.

    But as with all things in life, all of these positives come at a cost and that cost being your heat management. Since you only have the ten heatsinks that are prebuilt into the engine and have neither the weight nor space to add any more, you will often find yourself being cooked alive in the cockpit in intensive firefights. Trigger discipline is ABSOLUTELY paramount to your success with this build. It is also strongly recommend not to put yourself in the thick of battle where your going have to mash the weaponry, you will be punished if you do so. Stick to harrassing lights and mediums, heavies and assaults are a bad idea unless they're critically injured.

    Another point to note is that this build is also rather skill intensive. Due to you having five jump jets, if you don't have max cool run and heat containment in operations, and heat shielding in jump jets, your mech will actually heat up during jump jet use. That's already going to eat up 30 of your 91 skill points and even then having all of the aforementioned skills will only prevent you from heating up further in a jump maneuver, you won't start cooling down again until you let go of the jump jets. So maintaining your cool both mentally and literally will grant you the best success with this build. I hope you all enjoy, and please by all means leave feedback. I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this mech as well.
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    I like it, made me realise there were way too few MRM builds for the St Ives :)

    This version has 2x20 at the cost of JJs and LE survivability. JJs could replace the AMS. Though, when you lose your mrm torso you're pretty much useless anyway.

    1x40 lets you keep all JJs, though it has worse CD and spread than double 20, which could be a dealbreaker.

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    Very excellent points, I like both of your suggestions honestly. Since the heat management is far from optimal, any suggestions are worthy for the average player. For me, there's a certain build regime I adhere to just to serve as a base line when mech building. One of those rules was sticking with a 250 or higher if you can help it due to it having the mandatory 10 heatsink minimum required for a mech to be valid prebuilt into the engine at the lowest possible weight. When I looked at the Saint, its engine cap was 250, so I threw that in and from there the rest of the pegs just kind of fell into place. Good suggestions though either way, it allows members to approach these mechs from different angles with different ideas and build styles. Hope to here from you in the future.

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