SHD-2D "2-Arm" (1x PPC, 2x MPLas, 1x AC5, 3x JJ, AMS, XL280)

Thread in 'SHD-2D' started by Trifler, Dec 7, 2014.

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    I came up with this somewhat arm-heavy build based on the new quirks:

    The AC/5 is for the quirk. There's no downside to this variant not having a Laser Duration quirk since the PPC and MPLas wouldn't benefit from it anyway.

    * The PPC can be swapped for a LPLas (same weight) if desired.

    * Disregarding the AC/5 quirk in favor of giving a larger autocannon the benefit of the two general ballistic quirks is certainly a valid option. An AC/10 will fit by dropping two heat sinks and either changing the PPC to a LL or changing the two MPLas to MLas. An AC/20 is completely incompatible with this build, as it requires a standard engine.

    Also there are lots of XL275/XL280 configurations already listed on the forum, so those remain options too with no money wasted on the engine.

    Suggestions welcome.
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