Scorch "Rain of Pain" (4xcLRM15, 2xcERML, cAP, cSTD340)

Thread in 'Scorch' started by Mors Draco, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Mors Draco

    Mors Draco New Member


    Friend of mine came up with this build. Thought I'd share it. Been getting 5-600+ damage a match with multiple kills and/or kmdd. Pretty nasty if left alone. It does suffer from being a little vulnerable with only cERML's to defend in close if you get yourself if caught lagging being, or off on your own, so it works best if you stay with the group. The heat is very manageable if you fire all 4 LRM launchers at once and pause between volleys, and even better if you chain fire them.
  2. Aylek

    Aylek Administrator Staff Member

    WTH... skipping the gorgeous Clan XL it comes with to resemble a Catapult C4? This has to be a bad joke. Fixed the thread title for you btw, as that one stated LRM10s.

    Scorch LRM boat? Maybe something like these:

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  3. Mors Draco

    Mors Draco New Member

    Like I mentioned, I was just sharing my buddies build. It worked decent enough for him. I'll only admit to trying it out without much more thought. Your designs are better honestly.

    And thanks for fixing the title. : )
  4. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Star Lord

    Here is my Mod:

    i like it :D.. but LRMs are not OP anymore
  5. Sticking with the spirit of the weapons in the orginal build, I would just make it go faster and add heat sinks to get your sustained LRM dps over 10. An LRM boat moving at 66 kph can often be left behind for a Light snack.

    I like the build with the 2x LPLs.
  6. Emberdrake

    Emberdrake Active Member

    No... Just... Lurms... No...
    This is supposed to be the mech that any opposing short range mech fears. The Scorch is supposed to dominate the brawling scene. I didn't get four 1k damage games in a row with Godzilla just to see THIS.

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