Scorch 'No Respect' (2xATM12, 2xcUAC5, 2xcHML, cAP, cXL360)

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    ATMs are your main weapon. If they get within brawling range, burn them down with heavy lasers and ultra 5's. I prefer to have everything on chain fire since it generates less heat and the ultras almost act like a RAC as you double tap them in chain fire. You can make several mechs back off when they push on you. Not enough ammo to sustain a brawl very long, but like I said, the ATMs are your bread and butter. Heavy mediums provide some more punch up close and help with the ammo problem on the ultras. If you position right, 600+ games are the norm. Target mediums and lights first with the ATMs. You will kill them easily. Even hot maps are very manageable on this mech with chain fire.
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