Scorch "Beast Mode" (2xcLBX20, 4xcSRM4, cAMS, cXL350)

Thread in 'Scorch' started by Tango Foxtrot, Jan 29, 2017.

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    I call this one 'Beast Mode' because like the Seattle Seahawks running back, this build is a good balance of speed (xl350) and power (72 alpha). And just like Marshawn Lynch, It's a short range brawler, using dual lbx20's as the primary weapons with the srm4's as backup. I started this build with the srm6's which takes the alpha to 88, but at reduced heat efficiency, speed and ammo plus no ams. In the end, however, I switched to srm4's as it has better heat management and a faster rate of fire, which allowed for more alpha strikes before overheating. Plus the extra tonnage allows for a bit more ammo and ams to help in those few situations when you get stuck between cover while lrmboats are targeting you. This is a total face wrecker. My new fav close range brawler. :)

    In this match, I was able to get 4 kills + 690 damage, just shy of the high score:

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