Casual Scorch "Bam Bam" (4xcSRM6+A,2xcLPL,2xcLMG,TC1,cXL360)

Thread in 'Scorch' started by Rosinante, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Rosinante

    Rosinante Junior Member

    Hey there trying to build some kind of Brawler which is pretty cool (22 DHS),
    fast (72,7 k/ph with Speedtweak 6%) and durable so u can stay in Brawl and shoot for a reasonable time.
    72 dmg Alpha with Rockets and LPL´s should be enough dmg if something comes to close and u can finish off with the LMG´s.

    removed some Armor on the Legs and two Heatsinks aswell as the LAMS to Upgrade SRM´s with Artemis.
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