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    Hey Guys,

    I don't often do this, well NEVER do this actually, but I wanted to take a moment to post about a great SciFi show (and we ARE all nerds here, make no mistake) called Dark Matter. This show has an incredibly talented cast including Roger Cross who seems to pop up in like every science fiction show ever (Stargate, Continuum, Dark Matter and big screen stuff like X-Men 2 and Chronicles of Riddick). I can't forget to mention Melissa O'Neil who is a relative newcomer to TV from my understanding but is absolutely gorgeous and who can actually pull off her character quite well.

    If you haven't watched this show I recommend you binge watch 3 seasons of it now and then write to Netflix and ask them to pick it up for the remaining 2 seasons that were envisioned by Joseph Mallozzi ( the same dude who did a lot of other scifi like Stargate etc.

    If you already know the show and want to contribute to the online petition you can do so here;

    Pass this along to anyone and everyone that you can think of who likes Science Fiction shows that are of, what I consider anyways, Firefly caliber

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