RVN-4X ERLLas Sniper (2x ERLas, 4x JJ, XL245)

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Thread in 'RVN-4X' started by Severity, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Severity

    Severity Junior Member

    With the patch today making PPCs run hotter and ERLLas running cooler, this finally seems more viable. Cruise around fast, jump high and snipe!

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  2. The Verge

    The Verge Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to Mechspecs, I hope you enjoy your stay.

    I like this build, but you remain in the fire too long. PPC's let you pull a shot, then get out before they can hit you. that said, it is a good build.
  3. Severity

    Severity Junior Member

    Thank you for the welcome!

    You make an excellent point about the exposure you have to endure with the laser versus the PPC. So far I have been able to stay out of furballs pretty well, and with the 12v12 implementation it has been easier to veer away from blobs and avoid being primaried while lining up solid shots with the ERLLas.
  4. Jaraii

    Jaraii New Member

    This is a build I have found works great with the Quirks system. Combining the quirks and modules results in an optimal range of 945m, applied 30% faster, with 12% faster cooldown.

    The fast application and extended range allow for very solid and precise sniping. The reasoning behind the extra heatsinks is that the constant fire this thing is able to apply prevents you from having any good cooling time. Used properly, this mech can poke just the top right side over ridges/cover to snipe at people for full damage at ranges where they can barely hit you, and only for partial damage.
  5. Laonidas1

    Laonidas1 New Member

    What you have to remember is that the 30% quirk gives you more range than an ERPPC and the range module puts you outside of LRM range. You also have the 30% duration quirk reduces you exposure to less than a medium laser and slightly higher than a medium pulse.

    You could also equip 2 Large Lasers with the range and module you will have the range of an ER Large, the exposure of a medium pulse.

    If you are a great shot the PPC's do still have an exposure advantage, but players with lesser skills will probably get more damage from lasers becasue of their tracer effect. Once a player has honed his or her snipping skills the PPC's and ballistics become more effective.
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  6. Ragnahawk

    Ragnahawk Well-Known Member


    More suited for its purpose now.
  7. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Professional Potato Carrier

    Weapon layout (2xERLL) is good: with the right engine, amount of DHS and JJs it can really become a very annoying sniper / peeker thanks to good hardpoints and good quirks, but this topic requires some updates. First of all, quirks
    Energy Range+ 10 %
    Laser Duration− 10 %
    Missile Cooldown− 15 %
    Sensor Range+ 100
    Target Decay Duration+ 1
    Base Structure (CT)+ 6
    Base Structure (LA)+ 12
    Base Structure (LL)+ 8
    Base Structure (LT)+ 8
    Base Structure (RA)+ 12
    Base Structure (RL)+ 8
    Base Structure (RT)+ 8

    Second, the actual build: I'm using a XL265 because it is the most wieght / speed efficienct engine before jumping to a heavier 270 (+0.5) or 275 (+1 ton) engines. It will grant decent speed for a light, but you won't need more speed than that because of engine desync and because you are a sniper, so you will only need to poke and maybe relocate from time to time.

    Swap TC1 (-24 meters optimal range) and/or DHS for more JJs (os swap TC1 for an additional DHS).

    Third, skill tree (recommended skill tree here): max range, max heat gen, max laser duration, max radar deprivation, skill into survivability. This mech has already good hardpoints and acceleration / deceleration, so provided you are capable of poking minimizing exposure, you probably won't need any agility node.

    If you fit the maximum amount of DHS, you could like the maxed "cooldown" skill tree version

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