Casual RFL-IIC-A "MPG PPC Gauss" (2xcGR, 2xcERPPC, cXL255)

Thread in 'RFL-IIC-A' started by Remover of Obstacles, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. Best guess for recreating a build discussed on a MWO forum thread.
  2. krevLL

    krevLL Insane Fire Troll

    Fire the PPCs and then charge the Gauss? The 0.75 second charge time should theoretically eliminate ghost heat. Probably. Not sure if the game uses actual firing timing and doesn't count the charge up as "firing".
  3. I think you could do that and probably even have them on one button.

    It might be better to charge and fire the gauss first and then snap shoot the PPCs as you are getting back into cover. PPCs tend to be easier to trace back to the shooter. Especially if you are waiting for your gauss rifles to charge.

    Note that you can make this build on the Hero Chironex to get the cool down quirk on the PPCs as well as the ballistics.

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