Invasion RFL-IIC-A "Classic Sniper" (2xcGR, 2xcERLL, TC1, cXL255) + alt (XL265)

Thread in 'RFL-IIC-A' started by CarloArmato, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. CarloArmato

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    Classic dual gauss + dual ERLL sniper combo. If this chassis has similar or identical hardpoint location compared to IS rifleman, it should be a good sniper.

    ALT: XL265 version. 5 ton of ammo instead of 5.5, but better speed means you can reposition a little faster an at least follow the nascar a little better.

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  2. Rugbypig

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    Ammo to the arms
    Same with the 2 x ER large - High lasers = more damage and less exposure to do it
    TC to the head

    My 2 cents
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