Casual RFL-IIC "5D Starfire" (2xERPPC, 5xERML, CLAP, 1xJJ, XL235)

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    One of my favorite Inner Sphere RFL-5D builds is 2xPPC, 6xML. Wicked pinpoint alpha and actually decent heat management when skilled up. I had alot of fun building the RFL-IIC-A (2xLB10X 4xERML) to mimic the Legend Killer build (2xLB10X 4xML), and the RFL-IIC can do a clan equivalent of the 5D build quite nicely:

    When building make sure your ERPPC's are in the highest arm mounts.


    With these skills and the quirks your ERML's reach out to 500 meters, and your ERPPC's to over 1k.

    Fire groups:
    1. both ERPPC's
    2. all 5 ERML's
    3. arm mounted ERML's only, for tracking high or low targets.
    4. chainfire ERPPC's, for riding the heat.

    Yes it is hot. Save your full alpha strike for good heavy and assault size targets where you can effectively land your full ERML burn. Solid cover, vertical peaking, and teammate support is your friend. When you're running hot though, you have enough cooling to fire either the ERPPC's or ERML's pretty regularly, depending on the target in front of you one or the other weapon type might be more effective. ERPPC's: great for getting pinpoint damage on lights and mediums, defeating ECM/stealth mechs. ERML's: best for a big steady target you can land a full burn on.

    This build and the 4xLPL are the two RFL-IIC builds I would recommend, I'm having fun with them.