RFL-3C "Quiet Storm" (2 LGR, 4 ERML, 2 CASE, XL280)

Thread in 'RFL-3C' started by The Brewer, Jun 5, 2021.

  1. The Brewer

    The Brewer New Member

    I'm a fan of Gauss Rifles. Despite this, it occurred to me that I had never - not even once - tried the Light Gauss. Ever since the April 20 patch I have been messing with them on various different chassis, and one of the obvious choices for me was this one -

    It plays like a smaller, more agile Warhammer with two Gauss Rifles, but with important distinctions - high mounted articulated arms, and big range quirks. With skills, you can deal 20 pinpoint damage from over 1000m away without a lot of flash. Later in the match, when mid-range starts coming into play, the lasers often make great finishers. I have recently been very successful with this, and I find myself using this variant a lot more now...

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