QKD-5K Pure Sniper (3x ERLLas, 1x CC, 1x JJ, XL325)

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    I was kinda looking for an excuse to try the Command Console without giving up too much, and I think I found one with this build. The hardpoints in the 5K are high enough to make the chassis a decent sniper, plus it has good speed and JJ for mobility. The targeting speedup, extra zoom and sensor range really help with sniping. Couple this with the Target Info Gathering module and you get almost instant target info.
    Also enough heat sinks to alpha multiple times before getting into heat issues.

    Weapon groups:

    1. Top 2x ERLLas in RT and LT.
    2. The other ERLLas in RT.
    3. Chain fired ERLLas
    4. Alpha.

    Alt. A (+AMS +Speed -CC):

    EDIT: just noticed this is pretty much the same build used in a SHD-2K to take the 2nd place in the IS medium category in the last tournament.

    Build fits the 4G and 4H too, e.g. http://www.mechspecs.com/forum/index.php?topic=7574
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