QKD-5K Green Goblin (1x ERPPC, 4x MPLas, AMS, 3x JJ, XL320)

Thread in 'QKD-5K' started by TheWatchman, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. TheWatchman

    TheWatchman Dispossessed

    Potentially a big brother to DarkLobster's 'Green Fairy' Trebuchet 5J build. This swaps out an MPLas for an ERPPC, the added fire-power compensating for the larger builds reduced speed.
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  2. DarkLobster

    DarkLobster Well-Known Member

    I've actually just picked up a QKD-5K so will have to try this out - I do like a good pulse laser build. Sadly it'll be a while before I can appreciate it in full though as I've got another 2 variants still to grind to unlock Elites.

    Don't think I would change anything, looks pretty well-balanced. Will try to rate after I've taken it for a spin.

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