Casual QDK-IV "Bushwackwer 2.0" (2xAC10, 1xLPPC, XL290) + alt

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    Very similar to BSW-X1 "Compromise" (2xAC10, 1xLPPC, XL265), but with better cooldown quirks.

    Without skills, you will be able to fire 2xAC10 every 1.8s and 1xLPPC every 3.6s (1.6s and 3.2s with maximum cooldown skills).
    According to MechDB, pre-skills you should be able to alpha strike 19 times without overheating, so you should be able to hold that alpha-strike trigger for around 20 seconds without overheating (I'm estimating the LPPC additional heat and unluckily mechDB calculates alpha strikes with the longest cooldown across all weapons).

    The key feature of this build it is it's raw DPS combined with pinpoint accuracy (provided you are good at aiming) coupled with good/almost-optimal speed: flank and keep on hammering until shit hits the fan and you are getting focused.

    Be mindful that the three biggest downsides of this mech are low hardpoints, bad convergence on longer ranges and a fragile XL engine: always keep you range above 200+ meters to avoid deadly ATM/SRM volleys (300+ meters to be completely safe), but do not linger over 500+ meters too much or you ain't gonna fully apply your DPS.

    Skill wise, I would definitely max out anything on firepower (cooldown and ammo are mandatory, range is very welcome and heat gen is debatable, especially if you choose the slower +1 DHS alt build). Armor branch is a must to fully exploit the armor quirks and bonus. Last but not least, max radar deprivation so you can almost completely safely poke those jelly ATM/LRM boats sitting at 400+ meters. Seismic sensor will come in handy in urban-like environments to avoid being nascared/brawled to death too soon (on paper you have a good speed to run away from those situations)

    ALT: drop to a slower XL280 for +1 DHS. If that's the case, I strongly suggest to ignore heatgen nodes instead of maxing them out.
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