PXH-1K “1-2 Zapp” (4xERML,4xMPL,XL300)

Thread in 'PXH-1K' started by ShiverMeRivets, Sep 18, 2018.

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    So, the 1K has no JJs, no ECM, no MASC - what makes it valuable vs the other PXHs?
    Laser boating. Not many IS mechs can take 8 lasers. We’ll want medium lasers for the damage and range with low weight, but these have a ghost heat limit of 6. Also, 8 medium lasers is going to get hot.

    So, we divide them into 2 groups: 4 ER meds for a bit of range, 4 MPLs for burst damage and better damage/heat. Over 300 range shoot the ERs, under 300 prioritize the MPLs and add the ER as heat allows - a 1-2 burn, as the name suggests.


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