Casual Protector 'Heavy Support' (2 Rac5s, 1 ERPPC, 2 REMLs, STD300)

Thread in 'Protector' started by Munin, Feb 13, 2019.

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    been messing with this build, and find it very useful (and did not see anything posted like it before), so figured i'd throw it up here in case anyone might find it useful. the loadout can double as fire support/suppression with the RAC5s, or distant damage/peek-and-shoot with the ERPPC. the ER med lasers are mostly just for shooting UAVs, or the occasional backup or if a bit hot, but are not priority.

    <a href="">PROTECTOR</a>

    the skill loadout i use currently for it is this:

    open to feedback if anyone can improve on it!
  2. Lorgot

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    Overall usually better to focus on one role, and try to be the best at it, being a “jack-of-all-trades” is nice until other mechs start outperforming you everywhere you go.
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    How does it handle the heat?
    RAC5s are much hotter in practice than smurfy predicts via the cool eff. value. Combined with ERPPC and ERML which are very poor in damage/heat, and only 12 DHSs I expect this to get hot very fast.

    Also, Orion for all its armor quirks gets taken apart very quickly if you do not twist. The components are just easy to focus fire on. I’d be very careful with extended face-on weapons like RACs when you face more than one enemy, and break off immediately when I start getting return fire. For this reason Orions usually benefit the most from high alpha weapons with long cooldowns.
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