PNT-8Z "Skirmisher" (1x LL, 2x MPL, 1x SRM 4, 4x JJ, XL250)

Thread in 'PNT-8Z' started by Eugee, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. Eugee

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    I messed with a lot of builds for my 8Z while getting the Panther to elite, and this was the build I finally settled on. I ran a 2x LL build for awhile, but I just wasn't happy with the rapid heat buildup and the "lose arm, lose it all" setup. I tried dropping to 2x JJ to make room for another heat sink, and hated the lack of jump thrust, especially for a (relatively) slow light mech that needs that vertical mobility to out-bounce their opponent.

    So I dropped to 1x LL, and started tinkering around with secondary loadouts. The 8Z is still has solid generic energy quirks so I went with 2x MPL (as I had excess tonnage vs slots) and then stuck an SRM 4 in the CT for both a backup weapon if I lose the arm, as well as a shotgun short range blast. Once I fielded this build I knew it was the one for me.

    And the name describes how I fight with it--supporting the bigger mechs with flanking LL fire until the enemy gets closer, then bouncing around the terrain taking MPL/SRM shots.
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    Optimized DPS. 2xSRM2 is hotter than SRM4 but much more focused and lower cooldown. Added a DHS at the expense of some armor and 1 JJ to compensate

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