Casual PIR-2 "Pokey" (1LPL, 6ERUL, XL180)

Thread in 'PIR-2' started by renzor51, Jun 11, 2019.

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    I put this together to play around with while waiting until I buy a 1LPL LCT-1V since I already had a PIR-2. The Clan large pulse laser is so much better than the IS one, too, but the PIR-2 has no quirks. Gets toasty after a while, because heat dissipation isn't great (without skills):

  2. Consider using an ERPPC.

    Yes there is more heat, but you can shoot and scoot and not use up paper thin quirkless armor.

    Unless you really like standing still for well over one second to get a full burn...

    Free tip - don't repeatedly snipe from the same location.

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