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    Link to full article here

  2. RE: end of match rewards - loyalists screwed again??

    I don't think PGI gets the idea that "true" loyalists have been at max loyalty for their one chosen faction for YEARS NOW!!

    Faction Play Update:

    Games will now be driving Conflicts which take place in Faction Play.
    There will be story lines which play out over the course of a Conflict in a series of Phases. Similar to a Faction Play Event, Conflicts make up of mini-events which are called Phases and in each Conflict, there are multiple Phases.
    Once a Conflict completes, the story arc ends and resolves the Conflict for a planet switch or story foretelling.
    Conflict System summary:
    • Conflicts are completed via Phases.
    • Players can go to the 'Conflict Selection" screen to select a Freelancer/Mercenary/Loyalist role and join one of the two Factions in that Conflict or can click on a Call-To-Arms to join one.
    • A Conflict can be any one of 4 pre-determined map states (3050, 3052, 3057 or 3062)
    • Each Phase will contain an unfolding story, while also stating the duration, game mode and success condition.
    • The outcome of a story in the first Phase will affect the subsequent one.
    • Overall story of a current Conflict can be found under the 'Conflict' and 'Mission' tabs in the 'Conflicts Panel' on the Inner Sphere Map.
    • A 'War History' screen can be viewed at the end of a Conflict to review it's results.
    There will be a set amount of time where players enter the queue and the Match Maker holds the match creation until the timer expires. This creates one big queue of grouped and solo players combined. Once the hold timer expires, the Match Maker starts to create matches by pulling the biggest groups against each other from largest to smallest until it has exhausted all of the groups in queue. Odd sized teams are then filled with solo players based on a zero sum ELO from highest to lowest. Once this is complete, all of the matches are released to the dedicated game servers and the hold timer is started once again.
    Match Maker summary:
    • The queues and matchmaker have been replaced with a new single queue and matchmaker for both group and solo players.
    • Matches kick-off every two minutes.
    End-of-match rewards:
    • Freelancers receive a 5% XP boost for every match they play.
    • Mercenaries receive a 5% C-Bill boost for every match they play.
    • Loyalists continue earning Loyalty Points (LP) for loyalist titles and rewards. (Note: Additional functionality will be added towards Loyalty Points in a future patch)
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    They did say they were planning more uses for loyalty points
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    Even just a small thing like LP to XP/CB conversion at Max Rank would take away a large part of the issue.
  5. Or even just reset after max rank and start again from first level.
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  6. can someone confirm that you can not pick the loyalist faction you want anymore?

    Or did I miss something last night?
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    'yo fam you can be loyal but do you wanna betray your loyalty for this sick event you're otherwise not gonna be a part of?' -- Paul Inouyueouyei

    even as a merc player I'm just confused... That argument is of a caliber like 'do you guys not have phones?'
  8. I heard a rumor that real reason Theresa May stepped down is that Russ tapped her to coordinate the successful implementation of Faction Play.

    Anyone in Europe able to confirm?
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    That's the neg from my side.
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    @Remover of Obstacles I can't say anything, but don't be too surprised when PGI announced a new member has joined their team.

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