Patch Patch 1.4.185 Oct 16th - Champion Patch

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    The October patch has dropped! Here is a small rundown:

    Significant changes to heat system! Builds before this patch will need re-evaluation!
    Single heatsinks provide more capacity than doubles, but doubles provide more dissipation. Overall heat capacity is reduced significantly for mechs. Internal and external heatsinks are equalized in dissipation.
    Flamers may be broken for a while.

    New +ghost heat quirks on select variants!
    AWS-8Q, NSR-9J, HBK-IIC and AWS-9M will be the first to receive ghost heat limit quirks.

    Artemis and ECM changes!
    ECM only doubles lock time on weapons if there is no direct LoS, and counters effects of Artemis on enemy mechs under its influence. Artemis reduces spread by 30% again as before. Dust off your SRM6+A!

    Clan laser damage nerf
    ATM launcher spread decrease ('innate artemis'), ECM affects them like regular artemis (increasing spread by 42% (100/70))
    Mobility buffs to many mechs
    Reduced defensive buffs for Annihilator, Fafnir, Bushwacker, Sleipnir (Cyclops Hero)

    Discussion thread here:

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