"Orion's Belch" 3LPLs LB10X LFE300

Thread in 'ON1-M' started by ShiverMeRivets, Jul 16, 2018.

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    This is practically the same "Orion's Belch" build that I posted for the ON1-K, however now that I think about it, by using the LB10X variant (+1 additional heat sink over the AC10 variant), the build slightly better suited to the ON1-M.

    The energy cooldown quirk of the K is of minor help due to heat issues. The M on the other hand has additional -10% LB10X cooldown quirk on top of the general ballistics cooldown. This is also not used to its fullest because the LPLs are your main weapon and this build is meant to get the arms on target, wubb, add a ballistic shot, and twist away. However when you hunt lights, or flank an enemy, the LB10 fire rate is sweet.

    Not a huge difference.