ON1-V "Serious Variant" (1x LB-X 10, 2x LLas, 3x SRM6, AMS, XL300)

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    I cannot get enough of this variant. When I'm not running my Awesome, I'm running this bad boy.

    Like most of my other Mechs, I play this one back a bit, slamming either distracted Mechs that are hitting something bigger than me, a Mech I know I can take 1 vs. 1, or a Mech that I can come in for the kill on. And it plays like a dream.

    Large Lasers give you engagement range out to 900 meters. This helps to apply pressure at long ranges with your snipers or LRM boats and get on that kill assist list. However, they also do extremely well in medium-close range.

    LB-X 10 gives you great anti-crit capabilities as well as a powerful shotgun blast at close range. Really a very versatile weapon. You're not likely to get a lot of kills with it beyond 300 meters or so, but you can really pepper someone and play with their head if you fire out at that range.

    SRM 18 blasts a huge amount of hurt at anything that gets within that range (which is a sweet engagement range for you). It spreads a bit, and you want to make sure your arms are lined up with your torso before firing the whole cluster, but they'll certainly know when you do.

    Plays a little hot at basics when you're firing everything together, especially with the ghost heat on the SRM 6s. However, the LB-X 10 is cool enough that should you need to cool off a bit, you can continue to apply pressure by using the LB-X while you cool down. Apply liberally! 45 shots is quite a few!
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