Casual NTG-H "Quad PPCs" (4xcERPPCs, 3xcMPL, ECM)

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  1. Enough cooling with skills to fire both groups of PPCs with 0.5 delay while jumping.
    This build does not have enough cooling for sustained firing.
    Can poke either side with 2xPPCs. 3xMPL is good for close quarters.

    Group 1 - 2x ERPPC
    Group 2 - 2x ERPPC
    Group 3 - 3x MPL

    May 2021 Mobility patch has made this a lot more playable.

    Night Gyr (Prime,A,B,C,H,JK):
    • Acceleration increased to 17.72 KHP/s (from 10.8)
    • Deceleration increased to 25.66 KPH/s (from 16.67)
    • Turn Rate increased to 40.1 DEG/s (from 34.95)
    • Torso Speed increased to 90 DEG/s (from 63)
    • Pitch Angle increased to 25 DEG (from 15)
    • Yaw Angle increased to 90 DEG (from 70
    To compare IS 75 Tonner TNS-Hangover with ECM and ten hardpoints.

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