NTG-B "Dakka Poker" (2xcUAC10, 4xcMPL, cLAP)

Thread in 'Night Gyr Omni Builds' started by ShooterMcGavin80, Jul 26, 2018.

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    I tried some of the straight UAC builds but found them a little lackluster. This mixed UAC10/MPL build fit the ticket for me. It is not a powerhouse mech, but it can lay some hurt down in the right situation. Nice high ballistics, nice arm-mounted MPL's for added damage.

    Suggested skill link: https://kitlaan.gitlab.io/mwoskill/?p=jsonbin1.5b515767a5a2f34ea6b84d93#s=Weapons

    If you like LB10's, you can swap the UAC's for LB10's and it is an equally nice build. Those jams can be annoying.

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