NTC-A "Armor Wiper" 4xATM9, CAP, 4xJJ

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    You got armor there? Boom! No, you don't anymore! 108 pts of ATM damage on ya!

    I built it on my Cobra Cat:

    Fire groups:
    1: left click, 2xATM9 left arm.
    2. right click, 2xATM9 right arm.
    3. chainfire all ATM9's.

    This thing properly positioned and backed up by your team can be bruuutal. You can and SHOULD alpha all four of your ATM9's when you have a good firing opportunity. Plenty of ammo, plenty of cooling, so fire often. Fire left arm/right arm only when you sense you're about to get into a longer fight and need to spare the DPS.


    Double max range UAV mandatory, max 15% range nodes mandatory (extends your ATM damage envelope), and I believe dumping a good amount into mobility is mandatory. This thing is a lot more sluggish than an ideal ATM boat, but if you max speed tweak it is at least manageable to get into good firing positions. If desired this mech might benefit from going deep into the jump jet tree, but not sure what would be worth sacrificing the points for.

    Although powerful, you can definitely get countered and wiped pretty easily if you're not careful.
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