NSR-WP "Starfall" (4xLRM15, 2xERPPC, XL300)

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    I really tried to do something efficient with MRMs on this chassis, but its too soft, too big and too hot to deliver such indirect damage properly and make significant impact to battle.
    So, as this chassis dont have any specific quirks, i decided to play from LRMs (as, imo, superheavy LRM boats are fun). 4x LRM15 is way enough to tear most targets apart and 5.5 units of ammo should be enough to actively fire most of the time of match.

    Unlike the most of superheavy LRM boats, this chassis have ability to utilize energy slots in hands to deliver extra proper pinpoint damage in range. In this build i used 2x ERPPC, which can deliver 15 pinpoint damage.

    With 6 double heatsinks its not too hot - it can chainfire all LRMs almost forever, or fire ERPPCs 4 times in a row, or combine LRMs and ERPPCs for some time.

    Also, you can modify it to run 4x LRM15 + 2 HPPC with XL325 (or XL315 and one more ton of ammo), like that:

    But its a bit more hot (still not too hot) and cant defend itself in close range. So, in my personal opinion - ERPPCs are better overall.

    W: all missile-related + some additional heat gen nodes
    S: As much as you can afford except of AMS overload (we are still too big and too soft to not get full armor tree. If you dont like it - switch to mobility tree instead)
    M: in my opinion - unnecessary for LRM boat.
    O: All heat containment and cool run nodes
    S: all sensor range and target decay. We are LRM boat - we want to be able to lock on every possible target.
    A: we need all coolshot enchancements if we want to fire from all cannons longer. ERPPCs are hot and without coolshot we can fire them only 4 times in a row. Use coolshot and you can fire it 2 more times.

    Skill tree example: https://kitlaan.gitlab.io/mwoskill/...f8f010000000000d86fd70f000080222018#s=Weapons

    As summary i can say that LRM build plays well on this chassis and besides of very good consistent LRM damage outpot (in fact - this could be really outperformed only by STK-3H, which have LRM quirks, but have incomparably worse energy hardpoints utilization) it can surprise your enemys with sudden pinpoint damage on long range.