Casual NCT-CC "Late Start Special" (2xcERPPC, 4xcSRM6A, 2xcFL) (set)

Thread in 'Cobra Cat Builds' started by ShooterMcGavin80, May 23, 2020.

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    There's a top tier pilot out there, Late Start, who often runs atypical but interesting and fun builds. I got the Nova Cat pack and saw Late Start running around and crushing in this thing. Always nice to do a set of 8 omnipod build too.

    I gave it a whirl and can confirm - super fun, and you can have some massive games in it. Hot. Spicy. But fun. 2xERPPC, 4xSRM6A is a nice punch, and the ERPPC's are high mounted. Flamers for giggles when you get an occasional good target right in front of you.
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    Interesting! I like my dual ERPPC LBX20 combo Mad Cat MKII, this seems to be in the same (slightly toastier) vein. Flamers are a fun touch for when the ERPPCs get too hot and/or you need some close range suppression.

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