Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries!

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    i really hope PGI can do some immersive Campaign SP Gameplay with a really good Story. I really wish them the best Performance in 2018!
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    I've come to a epiphany...

    "well, at least PGI isn't EA!"
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    Gameplay vdeos for interested:

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    If only they showed it to someone that had played a game before :rolleyes:
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    I have two bones to pick with MW 5:

    First off, I'm given to understand the player will not have a mech lab. The game will have hundreds of mechs, however the player won't be able to customize a single one. And although there are hundreds of mechs, many of them will be locked to specific locations or periods.

    Second off, the missions are auto-generated. We've seen games with auto-generated maps (No-man's sky) and the fact is, the ability to generate a huge amount of content is still boring if that content is all more or less the same. It's hard to have meaningful mission briefings with auto-generated content. There won't be meaningful, persistent NPC's in the game. Your choices in one mission will not effect future missions, beyond loot and repair costs. I've watched a few videos and they all had the same type of mission: the player attacks an auto-generated base and destroy a certain amount of buildings, with bonus autogenerated outposts they could destroy if they had extra time. Near the end of the mission, they would be warned that there were enemy reinforcements coming and it was time to leave.

    So, there will be no experimentation with mechs, and there will be little interaction with the people of the mechwarrior universe. There isn't really a single player campaign, it's more like a skirmish mode. I want the kind of game I saw in MW4 mercenaries. The new game seems like Mechwarrior online but with AI instead of human opponents, and you're limited to initial mech configuration (like you get with the trial mechs).
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