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MechSpecs - Change of Command & Crowdfund

Thread in 'MechSpecs News and Information' started by Excalibaard, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 101 010 Staff Member

    Hi everyone!

    In relation to the switch of hosts last week, there's another announcement to be made.

    After six years of service, @Michael is stepping down as the webmaster and main administrator of MechSpecs. Michael will add a few words of his own later. He didn't play the game anymore since 2015, but kept the site and our community alive regardless. We are ever thankful to him for founding this community and wish him luck in the future.

    So what happens next? I will be taking over from Michael as main administrator for the site. In the coming weeks we will be working to shift everything necessary for running the site to my account. After that, I will maintain MechSpecs in its current form. Later, we hope to be able to incorporate the enhancements from the survey that was held about a year ago.

    In order to make sure I can do this, I have set up a crowdfund here: https://www.gofundme.com/mechspecs-change-of-command
    I bit the bullet and borrowed some money to be able to purchase the site quickly to maintain our community. Trouble with our previous host led to problems with accessing the files and database, so if we had waited any longer, a lot of data would've been lost.

    Therefore, I'd like to get your help. Anything you'd donate to the crowdfund would be used to short-term recuperate these costs and long-term to pay for upgrades, add-ons and the overall maintenance of the site. Any donators will also be manually added to the benefactor/space pimp membership status over the coming days. More info can be found at the crowdfunding page.
    If you've never donated or even become a member before, please consider doing so now to help us to become stronger than ever, all contributions are appreciated :)

    Of course, I'm available for any questions through PM, or hit me up anytime on the MechSpecs Discord!

    As always

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  2. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 101 010 Staff Member

    We have already collected €550! Thank you so much!

    This helps a great deal with repaying the debt. Over the course of the next months I'm going to save some monthly income so all the funds we collect will go into upgrades and better site structure :)

    All titles should now have been manually granted. If I forgot someone, let me know please!

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