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  2. Busy weekend so I missed a lot of the stream. Can anyone hit on the high points? Especially Saturday?

    So MW5? What do we know more from last year?

    Mechpack announced. Corsair. Ok. Since a month was skipped this was expected.

    Holiday heroes like last year. Play Dec. 27, get presents. Cool. :)

    Faction play - couldn’t find anything definitive that was discussed. What did I miss?

    Content - Escort mode may be removed.

    New weapons?

    New maps?

    Nothing seemed to be tied to Warhammer IIc preorder...

    B33f <3 Ash. Great comments from Ash. His points about units are on the mark.

    Eon won.
    Good comments about Russian Jade Falcon training program and just jumping in to comp play wherever you can.
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    Excalibaard 101 010 Staff Member

    Honestly, I didn't catch anything firsthand myself. I think BlackhawkSC or Kanajashi may release a concise analysis of the event shortly.

    MW5 will have peer-to-peer co-op only. No matchmaker in place, just a solo game and sometimes you can convince some friends to play along.

    Very little things MWO-related were released, and the Warhammer tweet was another trademark brilliant enlightened moment of Russ on how to sell more packs, is the general consensus.

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