Meme MCII-DS Deathstrike "Mobile Gauss" (2xcGR, 6xcERuL, 3xJJ, cXL400)

Thread in 'Deathstrike' started by Remover of Obstacles, May 21, 2020.

  1. Faster than other dual gauss jumpers (Hunchback IIc or Night Gyr). With enough jump height to get to a lot of interesting places, but not as much as Night Gyr.
    (Vitric Forge - speed tweak, no jump skills)

    This really doesn't out class the Night Gyr (ECM!) or other Deathstrikes that bring more lasers with them, but it is an interesting point of reference for the maximum speed aspect with jump jets. You are also an elephant sized target with arm mounted weapons spaced widely apart. You may have times when you will only be able to poke with a single arm without getting torn apart.

    You can pack some back up weapons or more ammo. You get 2 tons back for going down one engine size which can help get make the back up weapons more respectable without losing a lot of speed.

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