Casual MAL-KO "RincoWrecker" (2xLBX10, 2xLRM10A, 1xTAG, 1xSNPPC, LE300)

Thread in 'Knockout' started by Dagonus, Jun 29, 2018.

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    At @Excalibaard 's urging, I finally posted this. Originally got the idea from Rinco in the discord server. He originally suggested it using LRM15s and on an MX90. I felt it could better utilize the Knockout Quirks so I put it here. Originally there was no SNPPC. I added one for a little more brawl punch. Yep, your weapons can be a bit spread, but your goal is to engage around 300-200m. You can open up with the LRMs earlier. This is not intended for hiding in the back or for hugging. you need to be able to ride the inside line for the LRMs to make it work. If you wanted to have more ammo or less heat, you could swap the LRM10As to a single LRM20A, but that has a longer cooldown and you'd look weird with only one missile shoulder.
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