Casual MAD-IIC-C "Well, that was unexpected" (2xUAC10, 4xMPL, 1xJJ, AMS)

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    Caught up in the joys of Mad Cat MK II and Blood Asp ownership I lost interest in the Marauder IIC for a while but decided to come back for another visit. This build has been performing better and more consistently than expected and, for public play at least, is fast becoming my goto assault. What it lacks in raw firepower it more than makes up for with speed and maneuverability, able to stay out of too much trouble while laying down consistently good damage.

    Edit: Adding export/import codes for convenience.

    Build: Aa7D40U1|l^|l^|l^|MG|l^|RR|<fp11|fB|fB|RR|RRq11|l^|l^|l^|l^|EC|0Srh0|oB|oBsh0|oB|oBt81|l^u81|l^vB0|RRw707070

    Skills: a4543068201013874bacff7fbff62103018730000e877c63e21c320000000

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