MAD-IIC-C "Fire Them Up!" (2xUAC10, 4xMPL, LAMS, 2JJ, XL350) + Hotter Alt

Thread in 'MAD-IIC-C' started by renzor51, Aug 13, 2019.

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    Impressed with what you can do with this chassis. Similar to the 'Cerebus' build, but different enough that I wanted to start a new thread. My first build with this was the hotter version, and it's controllable, but the cooler version will be easier to use:

    Cooler, less offense:

    Hotter, more offense:
    (What I came up with first. Can't let that laser hardpoint go to waste!)

    Here's a good match with the 'cooler' version of this build (me playing)
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