MAD-IIC-C "Declaration" (2xcLBX10, 2xcLPL, TC4, cXL350)

Thread in 'MAD-IIC-C' started by r00tb33r, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. r00tb33r

    r00tb33r Junior Member

    My signature build -- the MAD-3R "Declare" -- returns in the form of the MAD-IIC-C "Declaration."

    This has been my go-to for assault brawling. LPL's deal enough damage to not overheat instantly, using them to rip off the enemy's armor and finishing them with those incredi-crits from the TC + LBX combination.

    Alternate version, using the same weaponry of the original design's, though a bit hotter with higher alpha/shorter range/slightly bigger TC:

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