Casual MAD-IIC-2 "Heavy Burn" (2xcHLL 5xcMPL 2xJJ TC1 cXL375)

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    The only Marauder with JJ's, so you need to put JJ's on this thing. I don't think it can do JJ's + ERPPC's and maintain any kind of reasonable heat management and mobility. JJ's + 7xMPL is a very possible build. But everynow and then I like building something to the quirks. So for this, we go 2xHLL, 5xMPL.

    The hardpoints are kinda low, you don't get a nice high shoulder mount. So peaking is a bit more difficult, you really have to expose yourself. All told, once skilled up, it is a very fun workable mech, but not a 'meta' mech. Relies on good positioning to get yourself repeat peaks at about 400 meters.

    Fire groups:
    1. Left click - your 'left side' weapons, 5xMPL
    2. Right click - your right arm 2xHLL
    3. chainfire your MPL's, for riding the heat.
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