MAD-AL "High Peak" (2xHPPC, 1xMRM40, 2xJJ, LE360)

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    This mech is difficult. Sluggish. Alarming tendency to have side torsos blown off. Low arm hardpoints.

    I tried a 2xUAC10 + MRM build, but found the arms to be a little too low, with convergence issues, and even though you have a nice jam chance quirk they still jam and leave you toothless a little too often.

    So I've ignored the arms and gone with the higher hardpoints. This makes vertical peaking and even pop tarting possible, so you can try to conceal your massive bulk behind hard cover more often. Max engine size helps your mobility, fully tweaked moving you into slow heavy territory (62.6 kph) rather than slow assault territory, which helps immensely. 2xHPPC + MRM40 makes you a potent threat from 90 to 500 meters.

    4 machine guns would have been nice, or a 3rd jump jet, but the build is already a little hot, can't make that sacrifice.

    EDIT! - I tried it and eggh, just a little too hot. I'm going back to the 2xUAC10, 1xMRM40 build.

    Here's another theoretical mixed PPC/missile build. Just doesn't have the heat management to combine 2xHPPC's with 2xMRM's, so have to compromise and go 2xSNPPC's with 2xSRM6A's:

    Could be a potential wicked pop tart high DPS brawler.
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