Casual MAD-9M "Challenged" (2xMRM40, 5xML, ECM, LE300)

Thread in 'MAD-9M' started by Remover of Obstacles, May 26, 2019.

  1. Heat, speed and ammo challenged version of Mr. Obvious. Punches harder.
  2. Renegademaster

    Renegademaster Well-Known Member

    I put an ER-Medium in the head, it synchs nicely with MRM range and is at the same height as the MRMs. You can fire them all togetehr for for 85 alpha. I downgraded the Mediums Lasers in the arms to ER-Smalls to save some tonnage, the MRM-40s are hot and the arms are low slung so i only really use the ER small lasers for fending off lights.

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