Meme MAD-6S "Obviously" (1xAC20, 3xERPPC, 2xML, STD325, Endo, DHS)

Thread in 'MAD-6S' started by krevLL, May 21, 2020.

  1. krevLL

    krevLL Insane Fire Troll

    Seems a cryin' shame to have an ERPPC HSL+1 quirk and to not use it, right?

    1) Obviously not using three ERPPC's together on this mech is criminal.
    2) Obviously if you're within 250m of your target the AC20 gets used together with the 3 ERPPC's.
    3) Obviously the ML's are there because there are two CT hardpoints on a mech with a frickin' Standard Engine.
    4) MOST OBVIOUSLY Override exists for a reason, it's a 100 ton mech with a CT structure bonus quirk so melt off that excess fat you picked up in isolation.

    *** The GAUSS RIFLE, while qualifying for the ERPPC HSL+1 quirk, is a weapon that generates essentially NO heat and is therefore classified as "entirely useless" under the standard KREV SCALE of weapons in MWO. ***
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