Budget Locust 1M - 2ML+2SL Fast Scout Support

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    In the early game, you've got to scrape by, somehow. Locusts are always available for salvage, and sometimes they have to fill out a light lance. This one features respectable firepower, is useful to harass at medium range, and decreases the chance of imminent death over the stock model, but you must keep this unit moving (Sure Footing for evasion) and use cover (Bulwark to almost halve its damage).

    Adjustment option: Ditch arm armor entirely and protect the torso and legs more.

    Pros: More survivable than stock, 90 Alpha, no volatile ammo, two shield arms.
    Cons: It's a paper tiger, no JJs.

    This build shown using standard equipment. Using + or ++ is not recommended on a mech this lightly armored.
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