Budget Legend Killer "Shottie" (2xLBX10, 4xML, AMS, XL240)

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Thread in 'Legend Killer' started by GothicHorror, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. GothicHorror

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    My budget build, doesnt change alot from the stock mech but I looooove LB10Xs!
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  2. The Verge

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  3. anonymized1

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    Drop the AMS up the engine????? I find the extra speed better than AMS... Solid build.

    Welcome to MechSpecs!!
  4. enileph

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    Well, technically he can have XL255 and all the goodies, 10 DHS is ok for this build.

    My version, speed.

    If you want XL255 you can do this really.
  5. anonymized1

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    Yep, did this when I got home last night. The 255 ended up being a bit too slow for my taste.
    Even without basics you're talking 170DMG full tilt before overheating.... I'll take that.
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  6. Excalibaard

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    Light engine version:
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  7. M3T4L R0N1N

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    Changing the engine would mean it is not a budget build anymore though. ;) This build is perfect for people like me picking it up on the holiday sale along with a bunch of other mechs and not enough cbills.
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  8. CarloArmato

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    With the recent hero sale, I've finally bought it. I'm writing it here instead of writing a new post because, even though I would definitely fit a bigger engine (so it won't a be budget build anymore), it does have the same weapon loadout.

    By playing around on mechDB, I've noticed 2 things:
    • you need at least 1 additional DHS (for a total of 11 DHS) to be completely heat stable when firing 2xLBX10 only, which are not only your main source of DPS, but could also save your life in case your team nascars so hard you don't have time to cool off your mech and you need to keep on hammering on whoever is in front of you.
    • the RoF of those LBX10 is so high (~1.5s with max cooldown skills) that even with max ammo skills you need at least 4 ton of ammo to not run out of ammo too soon (with max skills and 4 tons of ammo you will achieve 81 seconds of glorious dakka, which IMHO is a good value in case you don't get focused too hard in a match)
    With those concepts in mind, I think there are two main ways to fit this build:

    2xLBX10 + 4xML + XL290: the classic ML range build with best speed and sustained DPS close range

    2xLBX10 + 4xERML + XL280
    : slower, but slightly better range and 12 DHS to better sustain ranged combat. The idea is that you will fire those 4xERML + 2xLBX10 whenever a free trade is possible to soften up a target (and is very likely due to rifleman's excellent hardpoints and maneuverability), leaving it easier to "core" / crit / finish off once the brawl starts. The concept is that this build is still better used as a brawler / short range DPS glass cannon, BUT in case you are pinned down, you can return some fire below 500 meters (~400 meters ERML optimal range, ~600 meters LBX optimal range if we don't consider LBX spread).
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