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Budget KGC-000 "Cheap Shots" (1xMRM40, 2xLBX10, 4xLMG, Ferro, STD300)

Discussion in 'KGC-000' started by krevLL, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. krevLL

    krevLL Benefactor


    It's almost a budget build since I've been too cheap to swap the engine to an LE or change the Ferro to Endo, but MRMs aren't overly inexpensive. Despite the fact that there's room for improvement, mainly in a larger LE for speed, this is a really fun build. Use the LBXs and MRMs to open them up, and then just add the LMGs to the mix.

    Added bonus, it runs cool enough to be able to constantly brawl even on hot maps.

    On paper it lacks ammo, but the way I play this I usually don't live long enough to expend it all, anyway.
  2. Dagonus

    Dagonus Benefactor

    A bit more expensive and less budgetty but you can get quite the engine in there if you fiddle a few things around. I may need to get a 000 to try your weapon choices.

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  3. krevLL

    krevLL Benefactor


    Not quite the KMDD machine other builds are, but damn if this doesn't crit things out like a fat, super heavy Piranha.
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