Meme KDK-1 "grasping at straws" ( 1xcLBX20 2xcSRM6+A 9xcuPL cXL400)

Thread in 'KDK-1' started by masterlink, Nov 27, 2017.

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    this is just me trying to make some kind of brawler out this variant

    pretty simple: find opportunities to push with your team (if possible) get in range and focus components
    But at the same time I've never felt very confidant about this variant. even built as is I would honestly save it for 1v1s

    switching the MCP to just ERMC can also be an option and for either build if you so choose you can swap the CT laser for more ammo of some type.

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  2. Could you edit the title to add KDK-1 to the front? Makes it easier to search the site.

    You seem to have some tonnage available for an ERLL. That also would avoid ghost heat from firing more than 8 micro lasers and give you some range for getting assists, damage and maybe popping UAVs.

    Just paste the smurfy link in the text box and add the S to httpS and the builds should display correctly.
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