Kaiju "Kra-POW" (6xML, 1xAC20, 1xMRM40, TC1, LE325)

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Thread in 'Kaiju' started by CarloArmato, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Professional Potato Carrier

    This build will actually need some management and you can't be trigger happy after the first alfa strike.

    You should have 3 weapon groups:
    1. AC20: 20 damage pinpoint, 270-300 meters optimal range, 6 heat, 31 shots with maximum skills
    2. MRM40: 40 damage spreaded, 550-600 meters optimal range, 11.5 heat, 22.5 strikes with maximum skills
    3. 6xML: 30 damage sort-of-pinpoint, 270-300 meters optimal range, 20.4 heat
    Use everything you have to strip the armor from your opponent. If you are running hot, keep in mind that the AC20 is the best pinpoint weapon to blow up a component or to strike the killing blow, while the MRMs are excelent to destroy the weapons/equipment inside an armorless component (or use them to soften up targets when over 300 meters). The medium lasers are there only to give you that good additional "ZZZAAAP" to deal additional damage, so never use them if you risk to overheat or if the target is over theirs optimal range.
  2. Tollas669

    Tollas669 Active Member

    Did 855 damage before dying with this build though i think i will do more once i get the hang of this crabbing around and getting close enough without getting focused prematurely.
  3. alphameric

    alphameric New Member

    I run a similarish build with LE350, 4x ML, MRM30, & UAC20.
    I think it handles the heat much better and isn't such a snail.

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