JVN-HT "Tiny Laser Boat" (1xLPL, 3xERML, 2xJJ, XL225)

Thread in 'Hi There!' started by CarloArmato, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. CarloArmato

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    I haven't tested it yet, but at least on paper it should deal slightly less damage than mine SRM-2 version and nearly a fifth than the classic SRM4 + ERSL version.

    It does have a decent heat management / cooling efficiency and it should be able to pinpoint the damage better and at longer ranges. Still on the plus side, it does have jump jets for better maneuverability and for more "tactical" approaches.

    One of the obvious cons is the lack of pure DPS: it doesn't deal so much damage compared to the SRM version, but as I said earlier, it should be waaay better at focusing on single components.

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