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Thread in 'Jenner' started by Soulcatcher, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Soulcatcher

    Soulcatcher Junior Member

    How many are enough?

    I've tried 4JJ's and they work great.
    I've tried 2 JJ's and they are workable but they need more attention to where you start the jump from and where you need to get too.
  2. Lan

    Lan Mech Wrangler

    Depends on what you want to do.

    Do quick breaks and turns? 1.
    Jump up on second level at Canyon? 2.
    Jump over a mech? At least 3.
    Do mountain climbing? At least 4.

    Go Daredevil jumping over an entire brawl? 12. ;)
  3. Leonhart

    Leonhart Advanced Member

    My jenners all run 3-4. Nothing more annoying to an opponent than blasting his face then JJing away to safety when they cant.
  4. epikt

    epikt Benefactor

    I'd say 2 is the minimum to be mobile enough (even if if would lack vertical boost in some situation). The rest is balance between "jumpability" and other factors like firepower, heat management, armor, additional equipment (AMS, BAP), etc... I personally like to be comfortable with heat, so I tend to mount DHS instead of more JJs.
  5. enileph

    enileph Star Lord

    You can jump up canyon with 1 JJ, although you will have to walk up the half slopes first (you cannot go further w/o JJ)

    I know it is not much, but being able to move onto the second level early on is STILL better than taking the long way. You can go mountain climbing with wiggling when you have 1 JJ, just boost jump only when you see a reasonable amount of green in the speed gauge. It may take a bit more time, but still much better than no JJ at all. The time you save by not walking around is quite useful, not to mention having a view of your enemy, and the chance to snipe or TAG if you want.

    Also, the turning and the scattering of enemy Laser fire is well worth the single JJ, not to mention that you can in fact jump over enemy mech at full speed even with a single JJ.

    Basically if your mech can have JJ and you don't want to invest in it, at least bring one.
  6. Jay Z

    Jay Z Well-Known Member

    Hot Jenner F - 5JJ
    Cool Jenner F - 3JJ
    SRM Jenner D - 2JJ
    Streak Jenner D(S) - 1JJ
    2PPC Jenner K - 1JJ

    I have 5 Jenners, so yeah. Different JJs for different roles.

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