Career Javelin 10N - SRM boat

Thread in 'Javelin' started by Marxak, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Marxak

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    Fast, light, and absolut...confusing.. it's the best SRM boat around for a light mech. Don't listen to the description. At least not if you plan to run this build. Its paper armor, even for a light mech, so stay OUT of H2H combat.
    Switch out the SRM 4 for a pair of SRM 2 to save some tonnage for armor.


    Pros: Best SRM boat for the light mech ( As far as i've seen yet!).
    Cons: Wet paper armor. Use JJ for staying alive.
  2. Shock

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    Drop a ton of ammo for more armor. You'll never go through 3 tons unless you're fighting way above your weight class
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